In 2017, HKSF spoke to over 4000 primary and secondary students in Hong Kong and in 2018 we spoke to over 6200 students at over 40 Hong Kong schools. Every year we reach out to more students who want to save sharks and encourage them to raise awareness within their community.

In 2019, HKSF successfully expanded their Shark Ambassador Program to five secondary schools to further shark conservation awareness. The Shark Ambassador education proram is a student-driven initiative that enables motivated students here in Hong Kong to become a vital part of the shark conservation movement. Not only do Ambassadors get the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference for sharks everywhere, they also are able to develop their leadership, communication, and presentation abilities in a formal manner that looks great on a university application or even on a CV. The Ambassador Program puts the students in charge, building their leadership capacity and responsibility while creating real change.

If you are interested in having HKSF’s Education Director come out and speak to your school, please reach out and contact Thank you!


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