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Petitions and Pledges

A selection of the many global shark conservation petitions and pledges that you can sign.

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Petitions & Pledges

An increasing number of Governments around the world are considering implementing various shark conservation bills. These ONLY work with signatures – lots of them! Plus, making a personal pledge never to consume shark products is a great step but it’s even greater if you can publicly promote that decision to encourage more support for the cause.

CAVEAT: Please note that HKSF campaigns against shark finning purely on the basis of environmental sustainability. The views of other organizations are not necessarily the same as ours.

Federal Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act

We urge you to support ocean health and healthy US fisheries by supporting the passage of the reintroduced  Federal Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2021, HR 2811, (Sablan, McCaul) and the Senate version S 1106, (Booker). The Senate bill has been added as an amendment into the Endless Frontier Act, S 1260 by Senator Chuck Schumer (S, NY). These laws, when passed, will make it illegal to possess, sell and trade shark fin in the USA, and reduce the flow of fins of threatened and endangered sharks.

The sale and trade of shark fin is devastating shark populations globally driving overfishing and the reprehensible act of shark finning. We urge you to take the initiative and reintroduce this bill to help save sharks and protect USA fisheries and ecosystems.

Petition HERE

Tao Heung Group: STOP selling shark fin soup!

It is estimated that over 100 million sharks are killed every year and Tao Heung is one of Hong Kong’s LARGEST restaurant groups with over 80 restaurants in Hong Kong AND 80 in mainland China still serving shark fin soup.

The company has resisted the trend in Hong Kong to drop shark fin soup from their set menus, ignoring the will of many Hong Kong people who are against this cruel, unsustainable and out-dated tradition.

Is Tao Heung going to wait until sharks go extinct before it admits that there is a problem?

Tao Heung has a firm corporate responsibility to end this cruel and unsustainable practice to save sharks and our oceans by immediately removing shark fin soup from all its menus, especially its set menus. Just as Hong Kong consumers have a responsibility to stop eating shark fin, restaurant groups like Tao Heung also have an equal corporate responsibility to stop selling it.

If you feel as strongly about this issue as HKSF does, please kindly
1. sign these 2 petitions AND
2. send the decision makers an email telling them what you think!

1st Petition:

2nd Petition:

Thank you!
Hong Kong Shark Foundation

Stop wildlife traffickers using our city

1,900 metric tonnes of wildlife products were seized in Hong Kong between 2015 and 2019. Equating to the loss of at least 1,700 elephants, 98,000 pangolins and many other species like sharks! Despite the huge volumes involved and their high values, wildlife crime in Hong Kong is mostly under investigated and under policed.

PLEASE SIGN the Petition:


SAINSBURY'S: STOP selling shark and turtle-killing tuna!

Sainsbury’s are selling tuna sourced from fishing boats that use environmentally destructive fishing methods that kill sharks, cetaceans and turtles and cause untold amounts of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Please sign this petition calling on them to STOP this unsustainable practice.

TESCO: STOP selling shark and turtle-killing tuna!

Tesco are selling tuna sourced from fishing boats that use environmentally destructive fishing methods that kill endangered sharks, turtles, cetaceans, baby yellowfin and cause untold amounts of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Please sign this petition calling on them to STOP this unsustainable practice.


The power of social media should not be underestimated – both for keeping you abreast of the latest shark news to share and for showing your support publicly for a whole range of shark conservation campaigns.Join our social media movements below!

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As a registered charity, HKSF is wholly reliant upon the support, generosity and commitment of others. If you would like to support our efforts to further the shark conservation cause in Hong Kong, there are several ways in which you can help directly.

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Operational Funding

Although our operational costs are relatively low compared to other similar organisations, we still require ongoing funds to cover core staffing, premises and equipment, IT support, business administration and accounting, and the production of marketing and educational collateral. If you are interested in providing grants or funding to HKSF, please contact

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Pro Bono

If you work in any of the following areas and can offer pro bono services, please contact

Graphic design
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Event/Programme sponsorship

HKSF works across a diverse range of events and campaigns, some of which would be highly appropriate for corporate sponsorship. For example, Gala Dinner: We are currently exploring hosting a gala dinner with a Chinese banquet serving a celebrated shark-fin alternative and we are looking for venue, catering, entertainment and marketing/media sponsors.

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