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Executive Director, Andrea Richey TEDxCUHK Talk.

On April 6th 2019, our Executive Director, Andrea Richey, gave a TEDxCUHK Talk.


HKSF ‘spoof’ “Woman Misses Her Shark Fin Soup” clip

Filmed by Dr Martin Williams: In February 2009, a Chinese woman missed her flight at HK International Airport. The resulting tantrum she threw was caught on camera, posted onto YouTube and rapidly received international coverage. Staunch conservationist and long-time HK resident, Doc Williams was inspired to film a ‘spoof’ clip featuring a woman throwing a similar tantrum because she could not have any sharks fin soup (as all the sharks had been eaten). Founding member of HKSF, Rachel Vickerstaff, and two sympathisers for the cause stood in as amateur actors and the resulting clip received over 1 million views (and still counting!).

A further spoof was done by HKSF member, Shark Sister” clip, Vicky Wong

Fin, short documentary about shark-finning that won “the People’s Choice” in the “I Shot HK” film festival 2010.

The Tide is Turning

The Tide is Turning is a short documentary about the Tide that is Turning against Shark Fin. The short film highlights how nations, cities and people around the globe are saying No to sharkfin. It should remind viewers of the early 80’s and a similar movement that swept the globe-The call to ban the ivory trade….. (with Chinese subtitles).

Shark Fin Soup, Agony in a Bowl

Hong Kong wedding serving shark fin soup

This film is a reminder that for every Hong Kong wedding serving shark fin soup, 30 sharks needlessly die. Hong Kongers need to step up and change their ways in the name of sharks – an essential part of the global marine ecosystem.

HKSF Shark Ambassador Education Program 2019

[If you are interested in having our Education Director Andrea Richey come out to your school or workplace to speak about shark conservation, please PM HKSF or reach out to Ms Richey directly]


HKSF Freezemob

On 10 October 2010, over 150 shark-supporters stood very very very still in the heart of one of Hong Kong’s busiest shopping districts, Causeway Bay.

HKSF Freezemob ii

On 15 May 2011, HKSF’s second Freezemob attracted approximately 350 protesters making a stand against shark fin, in one of Hong Kong’s prime tourist spots.

Also worth watching…

SOSFABOS (Save our sharks from a bowl of soup) public announcement from Malaysian celebrities and local activist Kirk Lee

Trailer for Shiver, a documentary about shark finning in Mozambique

Video about Hawaii’s anti-shark finning legislation

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