Shark-loving Facebook fans are already familiar with the unstoppable campaign machine that is Clement Lee. At one point, Clement had over 10,000 members on his group (魚翅婚宴。人情七折」再生版 Cut gift money for shark fin banquets) and, at HKSF’s request, he initiated the Facebook campaign that was instrumental in persuading Citibank to go shark-free in 2010. Since then, Clement has established several Facebook groups in support of shark conservation measures around the world and, day and night, provides enthusiastic and practical support to a network of sharkies. Clement is indeed a tireless campaigner for the cause and worthy of being our first official HKSF Hero.

Check out his Facebook pages below…

魚翅婚宴。人情七折」再生版 Cut gift money for shark fin banquets (Again!)

忍無可忍!萬人罷吃板前板長 308 天,抗議販賣瀕危藍鰭吞拿謀利! Boycott Itamae & Itacho

全球華人支持加州立法禁售魚翅 Chinese United in Support of CA Shark Fin Ban