Threatened Species Featured in Promotions at Chinese Restaurants

Standard Shark group lists biggest killer SCMP Hong Kong restaurant chains named and shamed over shark fin sale Apple Daily 酒樓集團賣翅 環團:食翅如食熊貓 酒樓被爆賣瀕危物種魚翅 名苑皇上皇齊冠「鯊魚殺手」 名苑父親節菜單全部有魚翅 主婦:冀酒樓停售瀕危品種 Headline Daily 23酒樓集團仍售翅 團體:如吃大熊貓 護鯊會指有酒樓賣五羊翅 瀕危程度如「吃大熊貓」 社論 改口腹慾 加入護鯊行動 港澳 5酒樓售易危海虎翅 環團促列明品種助追蹤 Hong Kong Commercial Daily 香港仍售瀕危海虎翅 護鯊會促酒樓停售 Sing Tao Daily 護鯊會指有酒樓賣瀕危五羊翅 有如「吃大熊貓」 香港有23酒楼集团仍售翅 团体:如吃大熊猫 Ming Pao 指有酒樓賣海虎翅五羊翅 護鯊會﹕如吃大熊貓 HK01 瀕危海虎翅、五羊翅通街賣 護鯊會促立即停售、設銷售記錄…

Shark Fin Restaurant Research ( Jan 2016)

HKSF has done a research about shark fin restaurant in Jan 2016. We found that 98% of the interviewed restaurant provides shark fin menus, including those have already promised to be shark-free. To see more related news: (Chinese) SCMP (English)

RTHK Interview (23 Jan 2016)

HKSF was interviewed by RTHK radio today and we shared about many fun shark facts and the importance of conserving sharks. We hope the audience could get the message and take action!   If you want to revise the programmme, you may visit the link below: