Olive and Surin

Thank you 🙏 to our lovely shark 🦈 heroes Olive and Surin for helping HKSF to raise awareness about shark conservation by donating their birthday 🎂 money this year through Twopresents. These smart Shark Ambassadors already know that giving back is key 🔑 to being happy 😊 in life!  


Today we thank adorable shark hero Allia from Kennedy School who celebrated her 9th birthday 🎂 by donating HKD 2211 to HKSF to raise awareness about 🦈 sharks. She and her mum came down to the Hong Kong Shark Foundation 香港護鯊會 office to learn more about how her donation helps support our Shark Ambassador education…

Emily Atkinson Norris

Well done to our ESF West Island School Shark Ambassadors for putting on another successful awareness raising “Shark Week” at school. Special mention goes to Y12 leader @Emily Atkinson Norris and team for their hard work and behind the scenes organization. Well done !!

Sarah Lo’s Family

Sarah Lo’s Family These two shark heroes are brother and sister who come from the Lo family. They care and concern about the extinction of sharks. Therefore, they share and contribute their birthday gift to HKSF this year and last year. Sharing their birthday gifts to support protection of sharks, they really deserve our appreciation.


1. Can you introduce yourself briefly to us? Why protecting shark is an important issue? –   I am a nurse. At the same time, I am one of the members of a handicraft brand, Buddies Accessories. I created this handicraft brand with my friends, who like making hand-made accessories, in May, 2012.   All…

Olive Chiu

1. What made you personally decide to stop eating shark fin soup? Because people are killing sharks and the sea is getting red from their blood. Actually I never ate it before anyway.   2. How have you tried to spread the word to others, such as family, friends and colleagues? Yes, I say if you…