Discovery Bay Christmas Market

Wonderful day of fun in the sun with our Hong Kong Shark Foundation 香港護鯊會 fabulous volunteers at the 19th December Discovery Bay Christmas Market raising awareness about sharks . Everyone had fun and helped educate people at the fair about the plight of sharks. More than 100 million sharks are killed every year for their…

CUHK Shark Heroes

  THANK YOU ❤️ to the amazing students of @thinkoceancuhk @thinkoceanhku for inviting HKSF to speak at your school’s ocean conservation organisation to raise awareness about sharks 🦈 and the ocean. HKSF so appreciates working with bright and promising youth. We are very excited and hopeful about collaboration in the future and working with these…

Olive and Surin

Thank you 🙏 to our lovely shark 🦈 heroes Olive and Surin for helping HKSF to raise awareness about shark conservation by donating their birthday 🎂 money this year through Twopresents. These smart Shark Ambassadors already know that giving back is key 🔑 to being happy 😊 in life!  


Today we thank adorable shark hero Allia from Kennedy School who celebrated her 9th birthday 🎂 by donating HKD 2211 to HKSF to raise awareness about 🦈 sharks. She and her mum came down to the Hong Kong Shark Foundation 香港護鯊會 office to learn more about how her donation helps support our Shark Ambassador education…

Emily Atkinson Norris

Well done to our ESF West Island School Shark Ambassadors for putting on another successful awareness raising “Shark Week” at school. Special mention goes to Y12 leader @Emily Atkinson Norris and team for their hard work and behind the scenes organization. Well done !!