Shark-Free Weddings

Every year, over 100 million sharks are caught worldwide for shark fins and other products, with over 50% of the world’s shark fin being traded through Hong Kong alone. Many people consider shark-finning to be cruel and inhumane because the animal is usually still alive when its body is thrown back into the sea. Unable to swim, and therefore to breathe, the shark will generally suffocate to death slowly. Marine ecosystems are as delicate and complex as any other on our planet and we cannot predict the precise effects that eliminating sharks would have.

By participating in this our ‘Shark-Free Wedding’ campaign, HKSF hopes to encourage more couples to stop serving shark fin soup at their wedding to save sharks and actively promote shark conservation!

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Shark-Free Restaurants

Hong Kong has over 5000 seafood restaurants, but sadly only four DO NOT serve shark fin soup as a matter of policy. From the sharks, thank you to Paradise, Loong Yuen, Mott 32, and Maxim’s for taking the important step to remove shark-fin soup from your menus.

Shark-Free Wedding Partnership with Bride Union 2020

HKSF is proud to announce a Shark Free Wedding partnership with Bride Union, an online wedding planning platform that is an incubatee of the incu-app program of Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and HKU iDendron. Couples can visit Bride Union website for the ‘Shark-Free Wedding Ambassador’ information and discounts and/or special offers provided.

To save preparation time, couples can now directly match their needs with their favorite wedding vendors. We believe that every couple deserves a unique wedding and Bride Union and HKSF can help create that unique, special wedding experience.   Together we are organizing a ‘Shark-Free Wedding’ campaign and are inviting the couples to sign a ‘Shark Free Wedding’ Promise to receive special wedding vendor discounts and offers. We hope that this campaign will encourage couples to say ‘NO’ to shark fin soup, give back and help save sharks!  Please say NO to shark fin soup at your wedding!


Shark-Free Wedding Heroes 2019 – Bonnie and Hugo

Bonnie Li and Hugo celebrated their fabulous fin free wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Not only were guests treated to a cruelty-free wedding banquet, but they were also given a serving of shark conservation “Shark Facts” education included in the invitation (see photo). Hong Kong Shark Foundation and the sharks wish you both a prosperous and happy marriage!

If you want to be one of the Shark-free Wedding Heroes, you are welcome to contact Come and join us!! Say no to shark fin soup in your wedding!!

If you are a wedding planner or event organiser who would like to promote a shark-free wedding package via this page, please email

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Shark-Free Wedding Stationery

Design 1
English version download link:

Chinese version download link: PDF File / AI File

Design 2

English version download link:

Chinese version download link: PDF File / AI File

Shark-Free Hotels and Banqueting Venues

Hong Kong’s leading hoteliers have been making great strides in the shark-free cause. Top hotels like the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group (including the Peninsula hotel) and Shangri-La Group were early adopters of the shark-free policy. For the hotels that have signed up to be shark-free, please see list below.

  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group
  • Peninsula hotel
  • Shangri-La Group
  • Tai O Heritage Hotel
  • W Hotel
  • Niccolo Hotel
  • L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre
  • Marco Polo Hotel
  • Gateway Hotel
  • Prince Hotel
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Voltage PR

For more information on other catering and banqueting facilities in Hong Kong that provide shark-fin free menus, please reach out to HKSF to learn how your hotel can be a part of this shark-free campaign. Thank you!

Happy Hearts Love Sharks Wedding Contest 2012

With the kind permission of Canadian shark conservation organisation SharkTruth, HKSF is delighted to have developed and launched an exclusive Hong Kong edition of the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest.

Special thanks Larah Uyeda and 983 for the Shark-free Wedding Stationery design.

If you are a wedding planner or event organiser who would like to promote a shark-free wedding package via this page, please email