Shark-Free Companies

HKSF is keen to encourage all companies to set a good example for their respective industries because we believe that, in today’s market, there is no need to serve shark fin in order to show respect or win favour.

Our CSR Shark-Free Company corporate campaign is aimed at persuading companies to pledge not to promote or support the consumption of shark fin in any corporate context. The program is designed to provide practical support to companies in the establishing and implementing of a shark-free policy. If you would like any information on this program, or to arrange a meeting to discuss any questions you might have, please contact

In the meantime, you are welcome to browse the following FREE DOWNLOADS:

HKSF Value proposition : Why Become a Shark-Free Company

HKSF Shark-Free Company Implementation Pack containing

  • Introduction to the HKSF Shark-Free Company Programme
  • FAQs on WHY companies should establish a shark-free policy and HOW to make implementation easier
  • Policy Implementation Checklist
  • Sample Communication Material

HKSF Shark-Free Company Logo

HKSF Bilingual Information Leaflet: Shark’s Fin Soup: A Luxury Our Oceans Cannot Afford

Below is a list of companies whom HKSF have signed up to become shark-free. If your company is already shark-free and would like to be featured on this site, please contact us at

ADM Capital Foundation

Research always is the beginning of our “theory of change” journey, ADMCF and helps us identify the specific environmental challenge and solution within our five key programmatic areas: marine ecology, water security, air quality, wildlife trade and forestry conservation finance.

We see our programmes as fundamentally interrelated as the tangible environmental challenges we face intersect with the biggest of our time: Our climate emergency. Consequently, we work towards “unsiloing” how we approach environmental challenges.

We believe it is impossible to think only of air or water pollution, about protecting our forests, our oceans and their biodiversity, without considering also the development challenges we face in Asia. There are inherently trade-offs involved in balancing sustainable growth and conservation – and in how to finance the change that needs to happen.

Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy is an international legal practice with over 5,500 people, including some 550 partners, working in more than 40 offices globally.